Servicevision Scorpio 23’

Servicevision Scorpio 23’

The Scorpio 23´ is the first of a series of telescopic cranes that Servicevision is designing to have soft, silence and effective camera movement’s true telescopic arms.

  • I-Code: 41014010-K
  • Daily Rate: US$ 1800
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To be more rigid and uniformed, the arms are made with aluminum extrusion. The arms are guided true wheels in top and bottom to be more stable, and moving with two lateral cables. Like this the adjustment of the cables is simpler and is twice safety. But, if something is creating a big reputation to these cranes is the size of the arm and the size of the dolly. With the new adjustment of the wheels arms is possible to go true doors of 80cm wide, and only is necessary a diameter of 3,5 m (11´) to move an arm of more than 7 m (23´).


  • Automatic compensator of the arc generated by the movement of the arm in both horizontal and vertical
  • Programmable limits on the telescopic movement of the arm
  • Movement Generator of the telescopic arm in relation to the horizontal or vertical movement
  • Arm speed, adjustable and displayed on the screen
  • Arm stop damping adjustable and displayed on the screen
  • Over-slung and under-slung capability
  • Screen display of the arm range, vertical and horizontal angles, height to the optic axis in meters and feet
  • Programmable stop sequence
  • Tilt, Pan and Arm encoder reading for the Motion Capture jobs
  • Smooth movement in both high and slow speed
  • Noise reduction system of the telescopic arm movement
  • Mechanical lift for the telescopic column

Adjustable width with articulated arms with lockable position:

Tracking wheels :
Adjustable to all track gauges : 62 cm / 24.40’’ and 100 cm / 39.37’’.

Pneumatic wheels :
Adjustable width from 73.5 cm / 28.93’’ to 144 cm / 56.69’’.

Technical specifications

Maximum length7.10 Mts / 23’
Minimum length1.50 Mts / 5’
Back length of the arm1.80 Mts / 6’
Telescopic range5.60 Mts / 18’
Max. Optical axis height6.70 Mts /21’
Telescopic column maximum extension30 cm / 1’
Loading capacity in under-slung position70 Kg / 154 Lbs
Loading capacity in over-slung position45 Kg / 99 Lbs
Required Power220V/16A o 110V/16A
Output Power for the Remote Head30V/ 20A
Output Power for the monitor12V/ 3A

Scorpio 23 Crane Truck

The Scorpio 23 Crane must be transported, always, assembled (ready to be used). It requires a special truck, built exclusively for this purpose. It includes : boxcar, hydraulic shovel for up to 1.5 tons. This truck only transports the following items:

  • The Scorpio 23 assembled Crane
  • Scorpio Remote Head
  • Tracks
  • Leveling accessories

To reserve the truck kindly contact :

Rafael BarbéPhone: +598 · 99 654