Red Weapon Helium 8k S35

Red Weapon Helium 8k S35

HELIUM 35.4 Megapixel CMOS, 8K 2.4:1 resolution up to 75 fps, 16.5+ stops of dynamic range, 300 MB/s data speeds, REDCODE RAW + Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR/HD

  • I-Code: 00509006
  • Daily Rate: US$ 1500
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Red Weapon 8k

Resolution matters

Shot on Weapon
Capturing at higher resolutions creates more immersive and evocative imagery. RED has been the industry standard for high quality imaging since igniting the 4K revolution in 2007. RED sensors capture up to 17x more resolution than HD while shooting in 8K and 9x more resolution while shooting in 6K. From the finest details to the most expansive vistas, everything comes to life with unprecedented realism - offering you more creative flexibility in post, better VFX, cleaner lines, and future-proofed footage as formats evolve.
8k resolution

Incredible dynamic range

RED sensors offer over 16 stops of dynamic range, something that was once thought impossible for a digital motion camera. Wide latitude provides cinematographers and photographers with the ability to take on challenging lighting conditions without the need for excessive filtration making it easier to take on the unpredictable and capture the unbelievable.
8k resolution

Your workflow, simplified

Shooting RAW has never been this easy. RED’s proprietary REDCODE RAW file format, also referred to simply as R3D, gives you maximum flexibility during post. R3D files can be used within industry standard post-production suites for editing, VFX, conforming, and grading. The structure of R3D data allows for non-destructive editing—maintaining the integrity of the original footage while maximizing image quality and reducing storage requirements. In addition, our DSMC2 cameras offer even greater creative freedom via their ability to simultaneously record in both R3D and Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR/HD.

Stills from motion

RED cameras pack the same detail you expect from a DSLR into a cinema camera, allowing you to seamlessly pull stills from any of your video shoots. Our RED sensors produce up to 35 million pixels in any shot, blurring the line between motion and still cameras—giving you the best of both worlds.
Red Weapon 8k

New image processing pipeline : IPP2

RED’s new image processing pipeline unlocks the full potential of every pixel. IPP2 offers a completely overhauled workflow experience and encompasses all of the steps in the image capture process, from raw sensor data to final image output.

IPP2 enhancements include:

  • Better management of challenging colors
  • Improved shadow detail
  • Smoother highlight roll-off
  • More accurate mid-tone hues
  • An improved demosaicing algorithm to achieve higher detail at the same pixel resolution
  • Simpler and more intuitive workflow
  • A workflow designed for HDR from the ground up
  • Industry-standard naming
  • Standardized color space and gamma