Red Dragon 6K

Red Dragon 6K

The new sensor from Red Digital Cinema cameras that shoots 6K Resolution at 100 frames per second with impressive native dynamic range has arrived. The Red Dragon™ sensor translates to 9 times more resolution than High Definition and over 19 megapixels.

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A Whole New Beast

With the 6K Red Dragon™ sensor, you can capture over 9x more resolution than HD. Unrivaled detail and impressive native exposure eclipse 35mm film in both latitude and image density. Industry leading specs distinguish the Epic Dragon as a model for image innovation, helming the evolution of digital cinema technology.

Bigger Is Better

Resolution is more than just attention to detail. From large objects to granule textures, 6K images cultivate the nuance of every image, leaving nothing behind. Improvements to micro-contrast and MTF produce a cleaner image, drastically reducing moiré and aliasing artifacts. When outputting 6K files to 4K or HD, your image will appear more refined and detailed compared to those captured at lower resolutions. The choice is simple; Bigger is better.

New Color Science

Your image is only as good as the color science behind it. The new Red Dragon™ sensor features our most advanced color science yet, taking advantage of vastly improved dynamic range and low-light capabilities. Skin tones are softer, primary colors are more vibrant, and subtle color variations are discernibly remarkable. Epic Dragon™ cameras capture images that are true to life, with colors that can only be described as "brilliant".

Higher Dynamic Range

The Red Dragon™ offers dynamic range that was once thought impossible for a digital sensor. Such wide latitude provides cinematographers and photographers alike with the ability to take on challenging lighting conditions, without the need for excessive filtration. Improved low-light capabilities let you shoot at ISO 2000 and still produce a clean image fit for theatres or publication. Dilated exposure and improved sensitivity makes it easier to take on the unpredictable and capture the unbelievable.

Stills Camera? Motion Camera? Both

6K resolution translates to over 19 MP, packing the same detail you expect from your DSLR into a cinema camera. When you can capture up to 100 frames per second at full resolution, you get 100 chances per second to capture the perfect picture. Every still is raw and Adobe Photoshop compatible, which means your workflow doesn’t need to change—even if technology does. The Red Dragon™ sensor blurs the line between motion and still cameras, giving you the best of both worlds.

<< This still was pulled from 6k Red Dragon™ motion footage.

Blazing Fast

The Red Dragon™ clocks 100 fps at full 6K resolution, merging the worlds of hi-speed with hi-resolution. For even faster speeds, simply drop your resolution and take advantage of maximum speeds of up to 150 fps. With blazing fast hi-speed capabilities, there’s nothing that gets past your Red Dragon™.

New Sensor, Same Gear

Just because your specs changed, doesn’t mean your gear has to. All existing accessories, rail components, and modules designed for Epic X are compatible regardless of what sensor is installed. Instead of making your accessories obsolete, Red proudly takes great care in making sure your equipment lasts as long as possible. Change has never been so easy.

A New Look

A new sensor means a new look, and Red Cine X Pro gives you all tools you need to dial in your image the way you want it. With its latitude at 6K resolution, you can play with color, curves, and composition with fewer limitations than ever before. Now with the introduction of the Red Rocket X card, your Red workflow just got 5x faster than ever before. Red Cine X Pro harnesses the power you need to tame your 6K Red Dragon™ footage and is available for free only on