Privacy policy

Thank you for visiting our Musitelli Film & Digital web site. It is important for us that you know our Privacy Policy which is as follows.

Collection of information

Every time Musitelli Film & Digital requires your personal information, an express consent from you shall be requested so that your information is managed and processed by Musitelli Film & Digital.

Such information shall be collected through different forms placed on this web site, stating the purpose of such information collection, identifying the responsible person for the database where your information shall be entered, and informing where you are entitled to exercise your rights to access, review, add or remove information under the provisions of Law 18331.

Although it is not an obligation for you to provide the information we request, it may happen that some data are essential to receive the service or information you need. In such case, if you refuse to provide the information as requested, Musitelli Film & Digital may be prevented from providing you the service and/or data you have requested. Taking into account the importance of such information, we will always let you know which information is essential for us, and the possible and eventual consequences of your refusal.

Said forms on the web shall have a click box where you express that you accept the terms under which the information is being provided. In such sense, if you click on such box, you will be deemed to be expressly agreeing on this disclaimer and privacy policies, and Musitelli Film & Digital will thus be allowed to incorporate and process the information entered on the form.

Management of personal information

Musitelli Film & Digital shall use your personal information in full conformity with the effective legal provisions and these privacy policies. Musitelli Film & Digital shall not use your personal information for activities other than those you have consented through the forms placed on this web site or using any other means, unless you expressly authorize for such purpose.

Maintenance of your personal information

Musitelli Film & Digital shall keep the information provided by you only during the period strictly necessary to perform the task that caused such information collection. Therefore, your data shall be removed from all the systems managed by Musitelli Film & Digital when they become unnecessary and keeping such information is not required or authorized by any legal provision.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are small text files that web servers keep in the hard drive of your computer. These files contain information of your preferences on the Internet. Musitelli Film & Digital uses such files to enhance and personalize your experience when you visit our site, allowing a more efficient performance by remembering the language of your preference.

Please do take into consideration that you may, at any moment, set the browser you use to navigate on the Internet in order for you to be warned before accepting any cookies. You may also set the program to avoid the use of cookies. However, please take into account that such a decision may limit the access to some functions of this and other web sites.

In addition, Musitelli Film & Digital uses Google Analytics. This is a tool that allows us to know statistical data on the traffic of our web site. Google Analytics may use other cookies. For more information on this tool, please visit

Security and confidentiality of information

All the information you provide to Musitelli Film & Digital shall be managed with utmost security and confidentiality. Musitelli Film & Digital takes all security measures, both physical and logical to guarantee the maintenance of data in private and safe manner, preventing such data to be altered, lost, reached and/or managed by non-authorized third parties.

Musitelli Film & Digital guarantees confidentiality and safeguard of all the information you provide through the web site or by any other means, in compliance with the effective legal provisions on Protection of Personal Information of Uruguay. Musitelli Film & Digital shall disclose such information only when it is required by law or ordered by the corresponding court or through an administrative procedure.

User's liability

You are responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information you provide to Musitelli Film & Digital. You should also update the information when the one you had provided has changed.

You declare and state to have legal capacity to manage the information you provide to Musitelli Film & Digital. In such sense, you are not allowed to provide information that you are not entitled to manage for not being the bearer or not having authority to deal with such information.

Your Rights

Musitelli Film & Digital assures the free exercise of your rights for the access, review, removal or incorporation of your personal data in compliance with the provisions of Law 18331 on Protection of Personal Information and Habeas Data Action.

Every time Musitelli Film & Digital requests you personal information, you will be informed about how and where you may exercise your rights stated above. In case you do not remember this information, please contact us at

If you need any further information about these privacy policies, please contact us at