How to rent?

Prior to the rental of any equipment, first you have to register as a new customer.

It's simple, fast and has to be done only once. Please follow these instructions:

Terms of delivery and payment

Payment shall be in cash and in advance - 24 hours prior to the withdrawal of the leased equipment -

We use the collect app CobrosYA. It's very simple: we send you an email, you print the payment stub and deposit the money at any branch of the collection network agents RedPagos. You may also pay through your bank account at Santander, BROU, BBVA among other banks. We also accept VISA.

Upon return of the leased equipment it is checked by us. A new invoice may be issued in case of damaged or unreturned equipment.

For ongoing customers with a certain volume of monthly lease, we may consider the opening of a bank account subject to credit evaluation.
Please contact us and ask for further information.

Once we have processed the information and have all data entered in our system, we are ready to receive your order.
In order to do that please read carefully our rental terms in the next step...

2. Check out our rental terms