How do I rent equipment for the first time?

We summarize the process in 3 easy steps...

Register as new client

First you have to be registered as a New Client and undersign the MASTER RENTAL AGREEMENT. Said contract contains all terms and conditions governing the rental of our filming equipment. A thorough reading of said contract is strongly advised. Please keep a copy of said document with you.

This is a one-time, fast and easy procedure.

Equipment booking

Second step is to book the equipment you need for your project. In order to do that you have to send us information about your project's production. For instance:

    • Production name
    • Length of shooting (in days)
    • Date of collection of rented equipment
    • Date of return of rented equipment
    • If the shooting will take place outdoors, indoors or in a studio
    • If it may be cancelled due to weather conditions (rain)
    • If it will take place in Montevideo or in the countryside
    • If it will be carried out during daytime or night-time
    • Name of the Director
    • Name of the Director of Photography
    • Name of others in charge of teams

    The best way to send us this information is following the steps after clicking the following button...

  • Submit your equipment listing via e-mail to pedidos@musitelli.com
    Booking orders and requests are received, processed and confirmed exclusively during work hours of our Booking Department, from Monday to Friday, 11.00 AM to 7.00 PM.

  • Gonzalo y Ximena are the ones you have to contact. They can be reached from Mon to Fri at the office.

    Our Booking Department centralizes the communications and information about each project and coordinates the requests and orders of every production jointly with the Camera, Lighting & Grip Department.

  • We use RentalWorks©, an inventory management computing system that allows us to program equipment availability and to block every necessary material for each project. This is a very reliable system, a “bullet proof” system that ensures no error when it comes to verify equipment availability.

  • Do let us know ASAP.

    We shall reschedule the availability of equipment and verify if they are still available for the new date. Our answer may take a little to reach you for it will depend of how much equipment we have to check.

  • Please do let us know in advance which equipment you will need as well as estimated shooting dates.
    We accept and keep “soft” (or “pencil”) bookings just until they start “conflicting” with firm orders. In such case we will contact you for you to confirm your order. Otherwise, we shall liberate the equipment.

  • Yes, there is. If you are shooting tomorrow your equipment listing shall reach us today before 5:00 pm.

    All orders must reach us as early as possible in order for us to enter the list into the system, confirm availability and quote the order.

    Next come the preparation and checking of equipment prior to collection by lessee.

    For those film productions to be carried out on Saturdays, Sundays or Mondays, all orders shall reach us no later than Friday 05.00 PM.
    If necessary, with due planning, we may assist and solve exceptional situations.

  • Yes, we do. We charge 50% of the rental fees per day.

  • Many of the equipments are part of a package which, in turn is part of an entire kit. Such are not rented separately.
    This measure allows us to offer a complete service to those clients requesting full support.

Sale conditions.

Lastly, the payment. All you need to know is below:

  • Payment shall be in cash and in advance, 24 hours prior to the collection of the leased equipment by the lessee.

  • We do not accept cash. See below other safer, faster options:

    Bank transfer: you can deposit with our bank (Banco Santander) or transfer to our bank account both in $UY and in USD

    We use the collect app CobrosYA. It's very simple: we send you an e-mail, you print the payment stub and deposit the money at any branch of the collection network agents of RedPagos. You may also pay online through your bank account at Santander, BROU or BBVA banks following the LINK that appears on the stub.

    VISA: We also accept debit and credit VISA cards.

  • First operations are always paid in cash.

    For ongoing customers with a certain volume of monthly lease, we may consider the opening of an account subject to credit evaluation.

    Please contact us for further information.

  • We do it via e-mail. We issue electronic invoices and bills. When we issue an electronic e-bill the document is sent automatically via e-mail as a PDF file. A printed copy of said bill cannot be issued. You simply open your e-mail and print the file.

More useful answers

If you are new working with us, we invite you to read them all; here we summarize most of our logistics.

Do I have to contract an insurance policy?

  • Yes, you always have to.

    The equipment and materials are delivered without insurance coverage. You have to contract an insurance policy in order for you to be covered against robbery, theft, or damage. It is an easy and fast procedure. We will explain you how it works.

  • The insurance broker will provide you with a quote of the insurance costs. To such end, said broker will need to calculate the extent of the coverage in days counting from the date of the collection of material until the return of equipment. Traveling or waiting days are also counted.
    The insurance broker will also need to know the replacement value of the equipment on lease. We will provide you with this particular.

  • It is important for you to know the policy terms. Please do bear in mind that some items are excluded. Not everything is covered by the insurance coverage. Robbery, theft and damage caused by accidents are covered by the insurance policy.

    Ask the insurance broker for assistance and be sure you clearly understand what is not included and which the deductible expenses are.

  • Yes, you always have to let them know.

    Should your shooting imply unusual hazards for the equipment such as shots from helicopters, planes, or ships, explosions, rain, scenes in a pool or beach or shots from moving vehicles, it is extremely important that you inform the insurance company.

    Noncompliance of the above may invalidate the insurance coverage in case of accident.

  • Please do let us know immediately and contact the insurance broker in charge of your coverage.

    Said broker will give you the necessary instructions on how to proceed. In case of robbery or theft it is mandatory to file a police report so as to have a record of the claim.

Operators and testing

  • Equipment is to be operated only by qualified technicians so as to guarantee a professional and safe operation. Some fixtures and equipment shall only be operated by specially trained technicians. See list of special equipment.

  • Yes, it is important that you do it.

    It is very important that the Gaffer, Chief Electrical Technician, Grips and Camera Assistants check their equipment the day before the shooting. That is when all the requested material must be tested and when any modification or adjustment can be carried out. No alterations whatsoever can be done on the same date equipment is collected.

    Checking and testing to be carried on dates and times other than regular working hours – (regular working hours: Mon to Fri between 09:00 am and 06:00 pm)- must be scheduled beforehand. If necessary, with due anticipation, we may assist and solve exceptional situations.

Regular working hours

  • From Mondays to Fridays, 09:00 am to 07:00 pm.

    Bookings Department is open from 11:00 am to 07:00 pm.

    Managing Department is open from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm.

  • Yes. Yet some clarifications are to be made.

    Our Warehouse Department takes cares of scheduled deliveries and returns 24 x 7 x 365. Once the equipment is collected by the lessee the order cannot be altered. Hence we strongly suggest the equipment is duly checked by lessee prior to the shooting, from Mon to Fri from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm.

    Loading and unloading of equipment must be carried out by the customer and their technical team.

Failures, breaks and additions outside regular hours

  • Generally, we can solve this under certain conditions.

    This service has a cost of USD 95 + VAT for each call or situation that requires our assistance out of working hours.

    The solution is not always straightaway. Depending of the equipment requested we establish how much it takes us to solve the new order. Sometimes it can be solved quickly, but other times it can take us longer.

    Solving such situations out of our regular work hours implies a series of coordinated efforts (getting to the company’s premises, process the order, prepare the equipment, and so on).

    Please contact us at 2203 5608

  • We offer an emergency service out of our regular working hours. The main goal is for us to be sure our customers always rely on our support and service in case of technical issues.

    In case of equipment failure or technical questions during shooting, please contact us at 2203 5608.

    We will help you solve your issue. Otherwise, we can considerate the possibility of replacing the equipment. For other issues please contact us during our regular working hours: Mon to Fri, from 09:00 am to 07:00 pm.

  • If this is relevant equipment and you need an immediate solution, please call us. Do not attempt any reparation on your own without having contacted and consulted us. We shall do our best effort to quickly replace the damaged fixtures.

    Do contact us at 2203 5608

Cameras, memory cards and hard drives content

  • You absolutely have to. If you have rented digital cameras, memory cards, hard discs, computers or laptops you shall be responsible for the backing up of images, programs and software, information, contents and data.

    Before returning the equipment, please delete all contents from cards and drives. We do not want to know what you have shot.

    Once the equipment and fixtures are returned to us, the first thing we do is format all memory cards, hard discs, etc.

    We shall assume no liability for the use, misuse, loss, damage or destruction of images, programs and software, information, contents or data stored in memory cards and drives once the equipment and fixtures are back in our hands.

Transport services for camera equipment

  • We do not offer such service. Yet, we can gladly assist you and suggest transport companies we usually work with.

  • The one in charge shall be a member of the camera staff.

    Cameras and accessories shall always be collected and returned by a member of the camera crew. No equipment shall be handled to a transporter alone. In shootings taking more than one day, if the vehicle carrying the camera remains parked in our parking area, cameras and lenses shall be unloaded and stored within our premises in the box assigned to that production in particular.

Trucks, lighting and grip

  • In case you make use of our service of transport for Lighting & Grip equipment, the initial loading and final unloading of equipment is included in the service fee.

    If during the shooting you need to shift equipment, load new ones or download items you no longer need, such must be carried out by the technical staff with no exceptions whatsoever.

    Producers shall be in charge of coordinating the logistics and appointing the technician/s for each particular case.

How does MUSITELLI operate when I am shooting at REDUCTO?

Store other equipment at Musitelli’s premises

  • Yes, you can. Yet, some precisions are to be made.

    Please do let us know beforehand if during shooting some other equipment or accessories of your property –brought from abroad- have to be stored with us.

    We may store such on certain conditions:

    • We shall assume no liability for theft, damage or destruction stored fixtures of equipment may suffer.
    • Storage is free of cost and in no case shall will it be deemed a storage contract. Therefore, we shall assume no liability as storer.

Renting equipment outside Uruguay

  • Yes, we do only rent equipment in Uruguay. Our company operates in Uruguay and it is here where we concentrate our efforts aiming at the development of cutting edge products and services.

  • Do contact us at

    We work with several rental houses in the region and we support and assist each other when necessary. Maybe you want to consider asking your local supplier to work with us to solve this particular problem.

    Some of our equipment and fixtures have “their own passport” and have already been transported abroad. See below:

    • Briese Light 77 y 180
    • Phantom Flex
    • Alexa SXT Plus
    • Alexa Mini
    • Kowa Vintage Anamorphic lenses
    • Cooke Anamorphic lenses
    • Cooke Speed Panchros Vintage lenses

    The above equipment usually travel with a technician from Montevideo. We have experience in transporting equipment and we can quickly organize the trip logistics. We take care of Customs proceedings for the equipment in Uruguay and of contracting an insurance coverage for the equipment.

    Please contact us in case you need our assistance.