Digital Cinema

About the workshop

Attendance was by invitation and at no cost to participants. The workshop was targeted at seasoned and currently active professionals such as:

Executive producers, chief producers, production assistants, directors, directors of photography, camera crews, DITs, data managers and post-production coordinators.

The program consisted of six modules. Some were of general interest for a varied audience; others were targeted at attendants with a technical background and profile related to the areas of camera operation and post-production.

The workshop had been designed in close collaboration with and it focused on offering a practical experience whenever possible, providing attendants with unbiased information and knowledge that can be put to work right away in the field.

Morning modules were held at the Conference Room of Universidad ORT (ORT University). Afternoon modules were held at our premises on Vilardebó St.

Sebastián Toro and Lucas Sambade of Argentina were in charge of the presentations. Since 2008 they have been working as Digital Image Technicians with all the digital cameras that have landed in Argentina: Silicon Imaging SI2K; Arri D21; Red One; Weisscam HS1; Weisscam HS2; Phantom; Alexa; Sony F35; Sony F3. They have a vast experience as on set operators and in post-production consultancy in the preparation of workflows for post and live events. They are both specialised lecturers in the field of digital image; Enerc (Argentina) and San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba), besides the Universidad del Cine (Argentina).

About was founded in 2008 to meet the increasing demand of audiovisual production with the latest tools for capture and post-production arisen in the field of digital shooting. Its main spheres of work are research about digital recording, process of digital lab data, data management and workflow design for production for the film, television and advertising industry. works within the structure of traditional post-production. Its main areas of work are edition, post-production and colour correction, as well as the supply of said services for shooting sessions.

The Workshop

Special Guest

The workshop had the special participation of Marcelo Camorino, A.D.F. Director of Photography, who comes regularly to Uruguay to shoot, summoned by advertising projects and production services. Marcelo was the photographer of the Italian TV Series “Terra Ribelle 2” (“Rebellious Land II”) having shot in our country for 139 days, from the end of 2011 to the beginning of 2012.
See Marcelo Camorino’s filmography at IMDB

During his presentation Marcelo went through the main changes the arrival of new digital cameras has led him to apply to his work, the role of the D.I.T. (Digital Imaging Technician) and his work together with this new on set position.

The attendance to the workshop vastly exceeded our expectations.
We would like to thank all the attendants and particularly Seba, Lucas and Marcelo.

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