Why filming in Uruguay?


Watch a short video explaining why you should film
in our beautiful country


Quality of living

Besides a good business environment, Uruguay offers a first-rate quality of living. Public security, social stability and access to cutting-edge technology create an excellent environment for shooting and producing for the country, as well as for the region and the world.

Strategic location

Uruguay is located between the two largest markets in South America, with fast access to the main commercial cities of the region.

Legal, institutional and political stability

This country has a long and deeply-rooted democratic tradition with political stability and social peace. Its Judicial Power is separated from the other powers of the government and guarantees Uruguay's long tradition of compliance with both public and private contracts and agreements. Its political system is stable and sound and yields no surprises to investors.

Business enviroment

Foreign investors in Uruguay are treated exactly in the same manner as Uruguayan ones, and there is no restriction on the transfer of profits and repatriation of funds. Uruguay is ranked at the top places as regards security, transparency, and government efficacy and corruption control in Latin America.

Macroeconomic stability

The inflation rate has been kept at a one-digit level for more than ten years and since 2004 the GDP rate has been steadily growing at an average over 6% per year. Uruguay has overcome the international financial crisis in 2009 with its GDP growth rate reaching 2.9%, the highest rate in the Latin American region and one of the highest in the world.