Tailored facilities

In 2001, on a surface of 2.500 sq m, we built our own premises, with facilities 100% designed to optimize the logistics of Camera, Maintenance and Lights & Grip Departments.

Camera - Checking areas

Spaces conceived as checking areas for camera equipment, optics and accessories.

Lights & Grip

The storeroom of a filming equipment company or that of a logistics firm? Both. All our inventory is 100% bar-coded; every single cable, every single tripod can be traced within seconds. The state-of-the-art IT technology we use together with our top team guarantee that equipments reach the location in perfect conditions without errors.

Logistics and trucks

Loading and unloading of equipments and trucks. Four docks for simultaneous loading and unloading of equipments. We rely on a fleet of trucks pre-loaded with grip and power distribution equipment.

Our "War Room"

All orders, requests and information about every filming project are processed at the premises of the Commercial and Booking Department. We are swift and precise in the confirmations.